First Meeting of GATIS Young Researcher Committee

GATIS fellows held their first Young Researcher Committee meeting on February 12 2014 in London. The meeting took place during a GATIS Training Event at King’s College London.

In the course of this meeting, the committee elected its new chair, Alessandro Sfondrini, early stage researcher at the Humboldt University in Berlin (third from left). As delegates to the GATIS Supervisory Board were elected:
- Alessandra Cagnazzo, experienced researcher at DESY in Hamburg (fourth from left);
- István M. Szécsényi, early-stage researcher at Durham University (first from left); and
- Jonathan Toledo, early-stage researcher at Perimeter / Porto University (second from left).

The purpose of this committee is to provide a forum where the young researchers can discuss their experiences within the Network, suggest changes if necessary, and bring forward their ideas for activities. In addition this committee should serve as an important learning experience.