Amplitudes 2014 - 19th Itzykson Conference

International conference “Amplitudes 2014” reviews most recent progress in the field
Paris, 10 – 13 June 2014

The understanding of the structures of scattering amplitude in gauge theory has witnessed revolutionary advances in recent years. The annual conferences of amplitudes serve to survey the most up-to-date progress in amplitudes and related fields. This year the conference took place at the Institut de Physique Theorique of CEA Saclay in Paris with about 120 participants. Speakers included both experienced and active researchers in the field as well as young researchers.

Scattering amplitudes are essential objects in the study of quantum field theory due to their intimate relation to experiments and their mathematical beauty. The interesting observation that complicated calculations usually lead to the unexpected simple results has stimulated the imagination and dedication of many physicists. As a result, numerous new methods such as generalized unitarity, recursion relations and dualities have been developed and have been used to gain novel insights about amplitudes. Apart from these achievements, the field is still under intense investigation and many new and beautiful structures are to be uncovered.

The “Amplitudes 2014” conference has reviewed the most recent progress in the field. It has also provided a nice forum for physicists from different backgrounds to discuss open problems, inspire new ideas and create potential new collaborations.

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