Lev Lipatov receives 2015 HEPP Prize

The Russian high energy physicist Prof. Dr. Lev Lipatov has been awarded the prestigious 2015 High Energy and Particle Physics Prize of the European Physical Society. Throughout the last decades, Lev Lipatov has maintained strong ties with the GATIS partners DESY and the University of Hamburg. He receives the price together with James D.Bjorken, Guido Altarelli, Yuri L.Dokshitser and Giorgio Parisi in recognition of his pioneering work, in particular, on the quantitative understanding of high-energy collisions involving hadrons.

Prof. Lev Lipatov is a member of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the head of the Theoretical Physics Division at St. Petersburg's Nuclear Physics Institute. His frequent research visits at DESY and at the II.Institut of the University Hambur date back to 1990, and they were funded by a Humboldt Research prize, a Marie Curie Professorship of Excellence, and by a Mercator Professorship. Recent long term says in Hamburg were supported by DESY and by the SFB 676 on "Particles, Strings, and the Early Universe'' to which Prof. Lipatov contributes as a scientific consultant.

From his scientific origins as a student of Prof. Vladimir Gribov, Lev Lipatov has laid out the basis for a field theoretic description of deep inelastic electron proton scattering and of electron-positron annihilation. This work has resulted in the celebrated DGLAP (Dokshitzer-Gribow-Lipativ-Altarelli-Parisi) evolution equations that were recognized by the 2015 HEPP prize. Lev Lipatov's best known work is the famous 'BFKL' Pomeron. He has also made important contributions to the study of critical phenomena (Lipatov's semiclassical approximation), and he discovered the connection between high-energy scattering and the exactly solvable models.

Lev Lipatov has a long-lasting collaboration with scientists from DESY and from Hamburg University in quantum field theory and string theory, and through his continuing visits he stimulates further theoretical research. The GATIS Consortium wishes to congratulate him on the prestigious award.