GATIS Young Researchers Integrability School 2015

The first Young Researchers Integrability School (YRIS) was held at Durham University from 6th to 10th July, 2015 to train advanced Master's students and doctoral students with an interest in integrability techniques. In order to create a pedagogical and informal atmosphere, most lectures were designed and presented by young scientists with experience in the field. To foster interactions between attendees and lecturers, accommodation and meals were provided in the nearby Grey College.

The six lecturers, mostly GATIS-fellows and associates, were presenting a coordinated set of courses on classical integrability, Yangian symmetry, S-matrices, integrable structures in CFT, Bethe ansatz and thermodynamic Bethe ansatz. In addition to the lecturers, also parts of the scientific committee where attending the school in order to give advice and discuss further topics. The overall impression of the nearly 50 participants was very positive and also the concept of the school found favour. “The concept gives the chance for young scientists to practice lecturing and the chance for students to learn more in an informal environment.”

The event was organised by GATIS. The organising committee consisted of Alessandra Cagnazzo, Rouven Frassek, Alessandro Sfondrini, István Szécsényi and Stijn van Tongeren. The scientific committee consisted of Zoltan Bajjnok, Patrick Dorey, Charlotte Kristjansen and Roberto Tateo. Lecture notes will be made available in the near future.

This year YRIS was held the week before the IGST conference in London. We hope to establish the school as an annual event to help young researchers to prepare for the rather advanced talks at the IGST conference.

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