Team Description

Ecole Normale Superieure (Paris)

ENS is a university (Grande Ecole) ion Paris, France. Apart from teaching at the masters and PhD levels, its physics department is an important scientific center for experimental and theoretical atomic physics, astronomy, statistical mechanics and theoretical physics, including the string theory and the theory of elementary particles. At the same time, ENS is has a developed program of training of young scientists in collaboration with other institutions and universities of Paris region. It participates in organization of Amsterdam-Brussels-Paris doctoral school.

Laboratoire de Physique Theorique (LPTENS)

It is an important center of theoretical physics with an outstanding scientific reputation in Europe and in the world. It conducts a research in such areas as particle theory and phenomenology, string theory, supersymmetry and supergravity, conformal fields theories, applications of integrability in quantum field and string theory, as well as various topics in statistical mechanics, condensed matter and information theory. On the web-site of LPTENS one can find numerous informations on the laboratories activities in training the young scientists in various PhD and post-doctoral programs, organization of scientific schools and lectures or the graduate students.