Team Description

ENS Lyon

ENS de Lyon is a highly selective Grande Ecole located in Lyon, France. It relies on a strong tradition of excellence in higher education and research. Training is conceived by and for research. It enables students to pursue a PhD thesis in the very best conditions and to access high-level research at the forefront of innovation. All training programmes include Research internships. Research is conducted on all topics except law and medicine. ENS de Lyon has more than 2000 students, 400 PhD students, 350 researchers and 270 Faculty staff. ENS de Lyon hosts 10 research laboratories, among which the Physics Laboratory which is also associated with CNRS and Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1.

Physics Laboratory

Activities of the Physics Laboratory at ENS de Lyon cover various fields: mathematical physics, soft and condensed matter, statistical physics, hydrodynamic turbulence and signal processing. This multidisciplinary approach is particularly fostered by the strong association with the physics teaching activities at ENS de Lyon.

Mathematical Physics and Fundamental Interactions Group

Research in the Mathematical Physics and Fundamental Interactions group includes: integrable models, conformal field theory, string theory, supergravity, quantum gravity and rigorous methods in statistical physics. Integrable systems are thoroughly studied in the group ever since its creation. Members of the group have a network of collaborations with a broad number of institutes all around the world.