Internship at Mann-beisst-Hund

Internship at Mann-beisst-Hund Communications Agency

We offer an opportunity to gain experience in conception and management of communication projects, especially in the fields of science, education and health. There is a broad range of potential activities for you in our agency. For example, we edit scientific blogs or twitter channels, create websites, issue press releases or brochures and organize press conferences. Generally speaking, we find effective solutions for various challenges of communication. This is the approach we would like to share with you.

Because we mainly work within Germany, we expect you to understand and write German fluently. Please send your CV and a covering letter to to apply. Beginning of internships is possible starting 01 September 2014. Start and duration is subject to individual agreements.

Mann-beisst-Hund – Agentur für Kommunikation GmbH
Frau Alexandra Reimann
Stresemannstr. 374
22761 Hamburg