Internship at Sissa Medialab

Sissa Medialab is offering an introduction and hands-on experience in science communication focused around the various aspects of the field, including publishing and outreach.

More specifically, we can offer experience shadowing our editorial staff on the cross-field impact factor of publications in physics, and how this affects new trends in scientific research and publishing.

This involves the application of data analysis from physics using databases from major publishers and indexing service.

The editorial staff will also provide an overview of the publication process behind the major physics journals.

The outreach portion will involve also first-hand experience with Medialab’s science communication programme, including presentations for schoolchildren given at SISSA, courses on how to communicate science more effectively to different audiences through events, media, science exhibition.

Please send your CV and a covering letter to to apply.

Positions are of course subject to availability. Beginning of internships is possible starting 01 October 2014.