GATIS Project Training

GATIS Outreach Project
Contact: Thomas Klose (HU Berlin), Susanne Milde, Sascha Rieger (Milde Consulting)

The goal of the GATIS outreach project is to develop outreach material that can be used e.g. on the webpages, for public lectures, exhibitions, posters, or the GATIS film project.
In a first phase the project will focus on developing both text modules and visuals, such as images or short clips that illustrate various aspects of our science.
The projects will be kicked off during a 2-day workshop in the Filmstudio Babelsberg just outside Berlin (November 8/9, 2014) to select key areas on the GATIS webpage for which new texts and visuals should be developed. During this workshop, the fellows will work on a few smaller texts under the guidance of science communication professionals. In addition, the design of some key visuals will be developed in a creative workshop. Depending on interests it will also be possible to learn how to realize visuals with software from the Adobe Creative Suite.
More complex texts and visuals will be assigned to smaller teams for further development in a supervised project phase of 1-3 months after the workshop. The results will be presented and discussed in a video meeting. Milde Marketing will supervise both the project phase and the video presentation.

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GATIS Social Networking Platform
Contact: Nikolay Gromov, Marcus Flatten (Mann-beisst-Hund)

The goal of this project is to develop a social networking platform for
internal communication among GATIS members that will enable e.g. various
forms of scientific discussions or the exchange of materials and practical

In a first step, Mann-Beisst-Hund (MbH) has conducted a video workshop in
which two different platforms were presented that seemed suitable for GATIS
needs. In a subsequent phase these two platforms were tested by a group of
fellows who had signed up for the project. As a result, the GATIS supervisory
board decided in July to launch the social network platform on google+.

The social networking platform will be launched within a few weeks after
this decision. Fellows that are interested in developing tools for the
platform or to create more specific communities or circles are invited to
sign up below. Depending on interests, it will be possible to schedule
further workshops with MbH on the use of social media in science.

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