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University of Durham: Entrepreneurship
Particular emphasis is placed on the development of the underlying personal skills necessary for enterprise – such as team working, problem solving, creativity, communication etc. Participants will work in teams of about 8, facilitated by an experienced tutor. There will also be a team of experienced entrepreneurs, who will work with the participants throughout the school. All these ideas are brought together through participants developing and pitching a business plan in their team.

Key benefits:
• Development of the underlying personal skills necessary for enterprise.
• An understanding of enterprise in a variety of contexts – including start‐ups, consultancies, social enterprise, large organisations.
• Experience of the process of developing and pitching a business plan.
• Networking opportunities with a wide range of entrepreneurs and enterprise support agencies.

Durham University

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Epigeum: Entrepreneurial motivation
Students taking this course will learn about entrepreneurial motivation, appetite for risk, skills and capabilities, and what makes entrepreneurs successful. They will also get a good overview of how an entrepreneurial journey fits together, and how their own journey might take shape.

Module 1: Entrepreneurship in the academic context
Module 2: An introduction to entrepreneurial motivation
Module 3: Characteristics of a successful entrepreneur
Module 4: Entrepreneurship and you

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Online course (3 hours)

Epigeum: Opportunity recognition, creation and evaluation
This course will help students to understand why and how opportunities arise and to spot opportunities which could add value in their current environment. Students will also learn to evaluate ideas and assess whether they are worth pursuing, as well as receiving guidance on how best to argue a business case for their ideas.

Module 1: Genesis of opportunity
Module 2: Opportunity recognition
Module 3: Opportunity evaluation
Module 4: Business planning

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Online course (4 hours)

Epigeum: Entrepreneurial resources
This course aims to help students think in a logical and systematic way about the resources required to start a successful venture. Students will gain an understanding of the importance of social capital and the best ways to recruit and select founding team members. They will also learn how best to raise appropriate financial capital and will become aware of sources of help and advice available to nascent entrepreneurs.

Module 1: Resource acquisition
Module 2: Social capital
Module 3: Human capital
Module 4: Raising financial capital

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Online course (3 hours)