Team Description

The Nordic Institute for Thearethical Physics (Nordita)

Nordita is the Nordic Institute for Theoretical Physics, and its purpose is to carry out research and strengthen the Nordic collaboration within the basic areas of theoretical physics. Nordita was founded in 1957 as the Nordic Institute for Theoretical Atomic Physics. Over the years, the scope of Nordita activities has widened to include new and emerging areas while maintaining a strong focus on excellent research in basic theoretical physics. Today, researchers at Nordita are engaged in theoretical and computational research over a broad range of physical sciences including astrophysics, biological physics, condensed matter and materials physics, cosmology, gravitational theory, high-energy physics, nuclear physics, and statistical physics and complex systems.


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High-Energy Physics Group

The high-energy physics group at Nordita conducts research on string theory, quantum theory of fields, gravitational physics, integrable systems, holographic dualities and their applications.