Team Description

Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade do Porto (FCUP)

FCUP  is the Science Faculty of Porto University, which is the biggest University in Portugal. FCUP offers high quality training in Exact Sciences, Natural Sciences and Mathematics. In particular, the Physics and Astronomy Department focuses its activity in the fields of Astronomy, Physics and Physical Engineering. Research activities are mostly organized in research centers, bringing together staff members, post-doctoral researchers and graduate students. Research in Theoretical Physics is conducted by Centro de Física do Porto (CFP), including the High Energy Physics and Cosmology group and the Condensed Matter, Statistical and Non-linear Physics group.



The High Energy Physics and Cosmology group of CFP focuses its activity in String Theory and Cosmology. The group research record includes topics such as classical and quantum gravity, black hole physics, gauge/gravity duality, conformal field theory and QCD, as well as a wide range of topics in cosmology.